Slim Floodlight

20Watt, IP65



This IP65 industrial floodlight can be used in dusty or humid areas, both in and outdoor, such as gardens, parkings, stables, farms, etc.  

Also available in color RGB version with remote control for setting the color and the mode of operation.  


Lifespan: 50.000 hours  

Warranty: 3 Years  


Up to 90% Energy Saving compared to classical halogen lights.

3 Year Warranty
50.000 Working Hours
Outdoor Usage
IP65 rating
Acceptable Voltage Range between 85-277V
This Is The Class Ii Standard Safety Class Of The Appliance
Driver included
Available in 3000K
Available in 4000K
Available in 6000K
Color Rendering Index above 80
Working Temperature Range
Start Time from 0 to 100% Intensity
Power Factor
Guaranteed Number of On-Off Switches
CE Mark
ROHS Approved



Bar codeModelPower (W)Color Temperature (K)Light (lm)DimmableShell colorNominal Voltage
5420069507879FLSBL-20W-ND-CW-Cable2m_Plug2060002200NoBlack, 2m cable230
5420069507886FLSBL-20W-ND-NW-Cable2m_Plug2040002143NoBlack, 2m cable230
5420069507893FLSBL-20W-ND-WW-Cable2m_Plug2030002101NoBlack, 2m cable230
5420069504755FLSBL-20W-ND-RGB-Cable+Connector20RGB1900NoBlack, 2m cable230



Service life is defined based on the following parameters:  

L80 LED brightness loss  

B10 breakdown rate