Our products are designed and manufactured following very high quality standards. Since we are confident about the quality of our products, for all our Qaledo products we provide a warranty between 3 to 5 years. The lenght of the warranty is specified for each product in its data sheet. 

At the same time, we also specify the expected life time of the lamp in terms of number of service hours and the conditions under which it is defined.


On each product the production date and our logo have been engraved. This information will help the user - in case of problems - to identify how can he make use of the warranty. 



What is covered and what is not covered by warranty


Under warranty, if the lamp stopped working while being used following the specified operating conditions it will be replaced free of charge. 

What is not covered by warranty are all those situations when an external factor determines the malfunctioning of the lamp. Here are a few examples:

- the lamp flickers being used with a dimmer which is not suitable for it

- the lamp flickers when it is used with an electronic transformer not suitable for LED lights  

- the lamp shows mechanical damages 

- the lamp has been open 

- the lamp has been used in an unsuitable environment (for example using an IP20 LED light in a humid atmosphere)


How is the unit replaced


The lamp has to be returned to the supplier and if it is in warranty, it will be replaced free of charge.