Mounting Frame

for the 30x30 rectangular panel

The mounting frames allow the surface mounted installation of the square and rectangular panels.  


Extremely easy to install and yet looking neat and professional.  


Available for practically all the panel sizes in our offer.  


Standard color is white, in other colors is also possible on demand.

Indoor Usage
Outdoor Usage
IP65 rating
CE Mark
ROHS Approved



Bar codeModelColor / Size in mm
5420069506032SPFrW-30X60-PlafonWhite / 300x600
5420069504373SPFrW-30X120-PlafonWhite / 300X1200
5420069503307SPFrW-60X60-PlafonWhite / 600x600
5420069504182SPFrAlu-60X60-PlafonAluminium / 600x600
5420069500474SPFrW-60X120-PlafonWhite / 600x1200