Qaledo is built to provide innovative energy efficient solutions to the world through our high quality products and services at affordable prices. Our aim is to stay continuously at the edge of the technology, be innovative and look constantly to ways to improve our products, our manufacturing processes, our supply chain and our sales and marketing strategies.


We want our customers to stay with us because we are reliable and because we will bring them to the future. Once you are our customer, we don’t want to give you any reason to look for another supplier! We will do our outmost to ensure that you stay satisfied with us, with our products and with our services.  Should any issue arise you can count on us – we will stay besides you to fix it. We look to our customers as long term partners and not as buyers of our products.


Proximity to our customers is also one of our core focuses. We try to reduce the  delivery time by providing local stocks today already  in 3 continents and hopefully soon in all the others.


We also have an open and honest attitude, very transparent because we have nothing to hide. What we claim we can also prove to you in terms of quality, certificates, etc. For example, we have  installed video-cameras in our production, testing and demo areas and they are accessible on- line via internet so that our customers can check life how we are manufacturing and testing their products.