LED Spot very high brightness

GU10, 6,5 Watt, dimmable



It is an economical replacement of the classical GU10 halogen spots up to 50W. With a very low consumption and a long life (about 15 times longer then classical spots) it provides a vivid powerful light.  


The spot can be used in both domestical and industrial applications to highlight a specific area.  


The spot can be dimmed with a TRIAC dimmer.  

If it is used as a general lighting, maybe the G45 lamp with the GU10 socket can provide better results (see section Filament lamps: G45 model)  


Lifespan: 30.000 hours  

Warranty: 3 Years  


Up to 90% Energy Saving

TRIAC Dimmable
3 Year Warranty
50.000 Working Hours
Indoor Usage
IP20 rating
Lighing Angle: 30°
Lighing Angle: 360° (all around)
Acceptable Voltage Range between 100-240V
Driver included
Available in 3000K
Available in 4000K
Available in 6000K
Color Rendering Index above 80
Working Temperature Range
Start Time from 0 to 100% Intensity
Power Factor
Guaranteed Number of On-Off Switches
CE Mark
ROHS Approved



Bar codeModelPower (W)Color Temperature (K)Light (lm)DimmableCoverNominal Voltage
5420069505660SPOT-6,5W-D-GU10-CW-01W6,56000557YesWhite shell230
5420069505707SPOT-6,5W-D-GU10-NW-01W6,54000546YesWhite shell230
5420069505745SPOT-6,5W-D-GU10-WW-01W6,52700503YesWhite shell230
5420069505677SPOT-6,5W-D-GU10-CW-02G6,56000557YesGray shell230
5420069505752SPOT-6,5W-D-GU10-NW-02G6,54000546YesGray shell230
5420069505769SPOT-6,5W-D-GU10-WW-02G6,52700503YesGray shell230
5420069508043SPOT-6,5W-D-GU10-WWW-02G6,52200495YesGray shell230



Service life is defined based on the following parameters:  

L80 LED brightness loss  

B10 breakdown rate