LED Parspot

E27-fixture 18Watt



The PAR spot series are a perfect LED replacements of the classical PAR halogeen lamps.  

The LED equivalent consumes 8 times less power than the original classical halogen PAR.  

Available in 8W, 12W and 18W.  


Lifespan: 50.000 hours  

Warranty: 3 Years  


Up to 90% Energy Saving

3 Year Warranty
50.000 Working Hours
Indoor Usage
IP20 rating
Acceptable Voltage Range between 85-277V
Driver included
Available in 3000K
Available in 4000K
Available in 6000K
Color Rendering Index above 80
Working Temperature Range
Start Time from 0 to 100% Intensity
Power Factor
Guaranteed Number of On-Off Switches
CE Mark
ROHS Approved



Bar codeModelPower (W)Color Temperature (K)Light (lm)DimmableNominal Voltage



Service life is defined based on the following parameters:  

L80 LED brightness loss  

B10 breakdown rate